The Jakarta Integration Program

Continued from previous post


Tuesday 9th: Zoomed through security (the whole passport check took all of 30 seconds) and customs, but the bags took forever to arrive. I mostly played my ukulele, which is and has been an absolute saviour on this trip, and many others before it. When the bags did FINALLY arrive, we went out and got some money changed to go with the other rupiah we had (massive thanks to Julie and Jennifer!). We exited the airport and met with Egi (Embassy employee) and Suhardhi (Embassy driver) who drove us back to our apartment, at the super fancy Oakwood Premier Cozmo!!! WOW!!! Now we know what it’s like to be the Prime Minister! But I didn’t get a chance to appreciate it, because as soon as Egi left, I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep.

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