Weekend Fun – Part 2: Sapling Sunday

I may have mentioned in previous posts that I am a member of the Urban Gardening Club at my school. The goal of our club is to reach out to the community and make people happy through gardening. Our current project, which has been going on for the whole year, is linked with the XS Project. The XS Project looks to improve the living conditions of residents of Jakarta’s many trashpicker communities, and JIS is a large partner of the program. Throughout the year, the Urban Gardening Club (UGC) have been doing fundraisers, sales and plantings to raise money to buy plants and materials to build plant boxes for one of the communities. The boxes were made and painted by our members, and all the plants and soil were bought using money raised from plant sales. In short, there has been a long build-up to Sapling Sunday.

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Weekend Larks – Part 1: Soprano Saturday

Saturday started off with me getting up at 7:00 am to cycle off for track. The session was pretty easy: I only had to run an 800m time-trial and help time the 200m time trials. After that, I went and hung out at the library (which closed at 12:00, boo!) and then met up with Mama and Papa. At around 2:30 pm we all went and got changed out of our smelly cycling gear into our “good clothes” for the big event: Rosie’s choir concert!!! Because she takes the half-year long Girls’ Vocals course, Rosie is obliged to take part in the choir concert. At least one group from each education level performs.

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First Thanksgiving

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the US, and an acquaintance of Papa’s invited us to a Thanksgiving supper. I wore my floral shirt (see cinnamon buns post), because opportunities like this don’t come around very often. We wandered over at 4:15pm (first thing after school) to the Feldis household, a 5 minute walk away.

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First Cinnamon Buns of Jakarta

When we lived in Dhaka, we had a lot of staple foods that we would make as much as possible, but none were so popular as the cinnamon buns. They had their ups (when they were loved by all that ate them) and downs (when we used fiery cooking cinnamon instead of the baking stuff!). But they remained a baking mainstay for our family. Now, since we are fully settled in our new Jakarta home, we decided to make them for the first time in Indonesia. Our revised recipe is below.

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Friday Fretted Frenzy

The above title is an homage to my Canadian family, specifically the Franciscis. During the summer holidays, selected members of the Reed family went around Hamilton searching for the best apple fritter in the city, and the day was dubbed the “Friday Fritter Frenzy”.

Last Friday were parent-teacher conferences at my school, and since my parents weren’t able to get a single appointment, I had a day off. Alright!

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A New Life, A New House


Wahey! So, readers, the long-awaited day has arrived where we, the Eastwood-Reed family, move out of our apartment in World’s Fanciest Hotel and into our actual house! Yippee!

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The Jakarta Integration Program

Continued from previous post


Tuesday 9th: Zoomed through security (the whole passport check took all of 30 seconds) and customs, but the bags took forever to arrive. I mostly played my ukulele, which is and has been an absolute saviour on this trip, and many others before it. When the bags did FINALLY arrive, we went out and got some money changed to go with the other rupiah we had (massive thanks to Julie and Jennifer!). We exited the airport and met with Egi (Embassy employee) and Suhardhi (Embassy driver) who drove us back to our apartment, at the super fancy Oakwood Premier Cozmo!!! WOW!!! Now we know what it’s like to be the Prime Minister! But I didn’t get a chance to appreciate it, because as soon as Egi left, I collapsed on the couch and fell asleep.

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A New Beginning…


Major update: For those of you that read my blog, but are not a family member or close friend, then here is the big news ( as you may have guessed from the photo). My family and I have moved to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia!!!! WOW!!! We have been in Jakarta for 5 days now, so this post is to tell you what has happened between leaving Pearson Airport and now…

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