Dundas Chronicles

The Fisherman


A small chunk of our time spent in Canada was at the cottage of one of Grandpa Reed’s friends, Tony. There is an bi-annual “sisters weekend” where all of the Reed sisters and the spouses of the brothers go up to this cottage for a weekend. Grandpa and Tony wanted us to go up there for a day and get it ready for the girls (i.e. testing out the boats, making sure the water temperature was acceptable, testing to see if the fish tasted alright, that sort of thing), and so took along me, my sister Rosie and my cousin Daniel. However, ladies and gentlemen, as perfect as this all sounds, of course there was a catch. Because we didn’t take much food, we were going to catch fish and eat that for supper and lunch the next day. I  inform you now that of the 5 people who went on that trip, only 1 could fish.

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