Greetings from Dhaka

Hello, folks. I may or may not have published some unfinished posts before, but for the record we will say that this is my first post. Yay! A momentous occasion! So a little bit about me. I have relocated from the UK to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where I now live. I enjoy Led Zeppelin and tea, what with being an Englishman and all. I play guitar, ukulele and bagpipes, and in the near future I would like to improve on the bass guitar. On today, the 5th of January 2016, while pondering on a possible creative outlet for my genius, I remembered that I had set up a WordPress account in 2014, and have rejected it ever since. So I picked up where I left off (choosing my background colour) and started typing. So I hope that you, reader, will enjoy posts from the mind of me.