Island Adventure

My LEAD Week came around again, and this year I took a two-night trip up to Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) north of Jakarta to stay on Pulau Macan. The trip was focussed on eco-tourism, and while we were there we learned about how the resort minimized their environmental impact to create a sustainable experience. We also got to participate in a bunch of environmental activities as well as team-building games. Sounds cool? The read on…

Pulan Macan View -1
Island beauty

Trip Highlights:

  • Beach cleanups: While on the trip, we went on two beach cleanups: one of the main island, another of a small deserted island next to the main island. On the first day, I was on the team that cleaned up the main island. There wasn’t a lot of rubbish, but there was heaps when we went over to the deserted island. A few guys and I found a rubbish dump that we spent ages clearing up. By the end of the trip we had 8 big bags of rubbish. Seeing the amount of rubbish was kind of sad, but knowing that it wouldn’t harm the environment was a great feeling.


  • Snorkelling: We got to go snorkelling on the second day of the trip. We caught a boat to one of the other islands and swam around a reef for about hour. The coral looked pretty healthy, and there were heaps of lovely fish and plants as well as a few turtles. The weather was lovely, and the water was so clear and beautiful. I felt so lucky to be able to experience such an amazing place!


  • New friends: During the trip, I met loads of new people who I would never have hung out with otherwise. Everyone was super fun, and I came out of the trip knowing pretty much everyone. I mostly hung out with two guys called Jeremy and Reid. We played a lot of pool together, as well as a strategy card game that we all loved. We also did loads of team-building activities together as a group, which was loads of fun and helped everyone get to know each other a lot better. We went in to the trip as people who didn’t really know each other and came out as a tight bunch.


  • Being out in nature: It was lovely to be out of the city for a few days, away from the smoke a busy-ness of Jakarta. The whole island had quite a jungle feel to it, with beautiful trees and plants, lovely water and stunning beaches. Also staying on the island were a large number of huge monitor lizards! They ambled around the island, and enjoyed camping out under the girls’ huts. Apart from the occasional scream when someone stumbled upon one, all you could hear was the geckos, birds and the wind in the trees. It was a treat to be able to relax in the peace and quiet of nature.




4 thoughts on “Island Adventure

  1. You forgot to mention the part about the rough seas and how you had to make an unplanned stop on an island halfway there in order to consider abandoning the trip and returning home!! So glad you carried on; what a beautiful couple of days for you. The monitor lizards look amazing.


  2. Environmental in every way…, food (essential) and fossicking for rubbish on the beach and sea. Well done Oliver and friends…leaving behind a cleaner world.


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