Colour MANIA!!!

For this past term, I’ve been doing cross-country as part of the Junior Varsity (JV) team. It’s been really fun and has me pushed a lot at the same time. I’ve really enjoyed it, and as the season came to a close, we wanted to do something fun. So the whole team ran the Colour Run!

How it work is that you run a 5k while getting coloured powder thrown at you at every kilometre. The race finishes with a unicorn medal and a dance party with a live DJ.

The run was at the Senayan Sports Complex, about 8k north of Kemang. I cycled up there at about 6:00am. Also going on in Senayan (but every Sunday) is Car-Free Sunday, where one of the main roads (Jl. Sudirman/Jl. Thamrin) is closed off for a few hours. There were loads of people out, jogging and cycling, and loads of vendors selling their wares. I pulled into the Sports Complex where loads of other Colour Runners were walking in (12,000 people showed up, apparently). I met up with the team and after a couple of us picked up our race packets (shirt, sunglasses, race number) we lined up.

We joined the second or third wave with about a thousand other people. There was an English guy up the front cheering and hyping the crowd up. And then we were off! We ran through the complex and soon arrived at the first colour station, where we got green powder thrown at us. The next station was orange, and after that it was blue.

We were running along some guttering when one of the girls tripped and fell. When she got back up she realised that her phone had fallen into the sewer! Luckily the drains were still being built, so one of the guys jumped down and fetched it for her. After that we ran through the Dream Area, which had loads of bubble machines going, and then to finish off we ran through the pink area, where I got absolutely showered with the powder. By that time, we were pretty sweaty, so a fair bit of the powder had started to melt and mix together, creating new cool colours.

We were handed a packet of colour and a unicorn medal for finishing, then headed over to the music area. It was almost like the coolest rave in the world, with hundreds of people jumping around to the music and throwing powder whenever the beat dropped. There was so much energy and fun: I was seeing Jakarta in a way I have never experienced it before. It was absolutely amazing! Can’t wait for next year….!!!


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