Summertime in Canada!

Well, well, well, folks, I’m back after 6 weeks in beautiful Canada, visiting with my family and doing some pretty cool things! This post highlights some of the best moments from my stay in Canada, from meeting my newest cousin to discovering an uncharted lake. Intrigued? Then read on…



We love our Canadian family, and are so lucky that we get to see them as often as we do. We got to meet the two newest additions to the family, our aunt Katie’s baby, Delphina, and Nico, son of one of our cousins. We also met Dicco, Katie’s partner, for the first time. Family makes life special, and with a family as large as ours, we are so blessed. We had loads of fun up in Guelph, spending time with Julie, Bruce and Daniel, and also were lucky enough to stay with two of the Toronto families. While we were in Toronto, Papa arrived from three weeks working in various places around the world: it was so great to see him again. A really special evening was a barbecue at Ann’s. Most of the family came, and the event was really great, with loads of delicious food, fun n’ games at the park, and a chance to connect with people we don’t often get a chance to see.

Tony’s cottage (x2!!!)


The first trip out was a bit of a surprise. We were at a classical music performance with Tony and Anne, friends of the family, when Tony suggested going up to the cottage for some fishing. Grandpa and I really liked that idea, but were a bit taken aback when Tony said that the best time to go would be the next morning! But go we did, for a great one night up at Hooton Lake. Grandpa and Tony are so funny together, and we got in some good fishing and canoeing. We went up to Tony’s secret fishing spot, and I caught a pretty big smallmouth bass, which we then cooked up for lunch the next day.

The second trip was the Eastwood’s trip together. We drove up in the Red Rocket, and stayed for four nights. It was so nice for us to get away from everything, having spent the past year in busy busy Jakarta. We were out on the lake every day, fishing (but not catching anything), swimming, and going on the rope swing. In the evenings we would cook up a lovely supper, then play board games or build a fire. While we were there, I also did some Bear Grylls-type adventuring and discovered a new lake! I portaged the kayak down a little river flowing out of Hooton Lake, and there was another lake! Half of it was covered by a floating marsh, but the other half some beautiful, deep blue lake! It was a super cool adventure, and made the trip even more awesome!


On this trip, we were lucky enough to spend some time in Toronto. We got to stay for a couple of days at Peter and Karina’s house, which was super fun. The boys are so great to spend time with, and Vivienne is such a cutie! We went around a bit, seeing Katie and family at Seesaw Cafe, and popping in to see Sarah B. and Stella. We also got caught up with Jennifer at Value Village, and picked up some new threads. After that was Eli’s bicycle-themed birthday party. We helped out with the organising, and played around with the kids while also watching a baseball game being played in the field next to the park. Afterwards, we went back to Emily and Mark’s place to house-sit for them, and them a few hours later, Papa arrived!!! Together in TO, we explored a bit more, saw who we had to see, and had a great last day in the city walking along the Waterfront Trail. It was a super cool time, both to see family and to explore the Big City!

Spending time with Grandpa

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 11.13.26 AM
Three generations of loving family

I love spending time with Grandpa. He is so funny and fun to be around, and has so many stories about his amazing life. He is truly an inspiration, and has been for so many people for so long. It’s such a treat coming to Canada because it means spending time with him at 10 Hatt. However, since Grandma’s passing on, Grandpa is moving out of 10 Hatt, the house he has lived in and raised a family of 11 children for the past 50 years. My family helped to clean out most of the house, and it was really cool talking through everything with Grandpa. There was a story behind every item that we pulled out, and it was really heartwarming to hear about the family growing up and all the adventures that they’ve had together. I loved going around Hamilton with Grandpa, spending time with him and his friends, going up to Tony’s cottage together, and sitting and chatting on the porch. It was so awesome to see the 3rd floor at 5 Stanley coming together, and we are all so happy that Grandpa gets to move in there.

As always, family makes the trip, and no-one more so than Grandpa. We love spending time with him, and wish him the best in the next stage of his life! Loads of love to all the Reed family: you are always so fun, helpful and loving to us whenever we come and visit. We love you!!!!!!!


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