Cycle Trip with Papa

Bumi Perkemahan Sukamantri, our campsite

Well folks, we did! After years of saying “We should do that again” and “Wouldn’t it be great to have another trip?”, Papa and I have gone on another cycle tour. But first, some background. During the summer of 2014, the two of us cycled nearly 500km around the Outer Hebrides, an island chain in northern Scotland. After that, we were itching to get out on the bikes again and do another trip. And now we’ve done it! We cycled 60km, to a campsite just south of Bogor in Central Java. Indonesian camping is a bit different than we are used to, but we still had a brilliant time!



Lunch at a warung

As always, we ate loads of great food on the trip. We stopped at warungs for lunch on the outward and return journey, and ate noodles and gorengan for lunch and supper at the warungs on the campsite. Our traditional breakfast of porridge brought back many happy memories of camping in the past. Delicious!

Camping friends

The closest tent to us was occupied by 5 students from Bogor, coming up for a night out. They hung out with us for the morning, playing guitar, chatting and eating. For breakfast, while we dined on porridge and raisins, they ate noodles and chicken nuggets that they deep-fried on their camping stove! Papa and I were severely weirded out. They were a funny bunch, trying to teach us Sundanese and setting up a double-decker hammock. Crazy days.

The camping/cycling experience

Of course, a highlight for me was just being back on my bike and sleeping in a tent! I love the whole experience, and while it was a bit different, it was still really fun. Getting up to the campsite involved pushing the bikes for 2 hours up a gravel road up the side of Gunung Salak. It started to rain when we were halfway up, and we had to get sorted in the rain. The cycling was a bit tough, with loads of traffic and pollution, but I think that made it more exciting and rewarding.

And more…

  • Coasting downhill for 10km on the cycle home.
  • Watching the sunset over Bogor.
  • Meeting new people over tea and noodles at the warung.
  • Going to sleep in the tent, listening to the crickets and guitars.
  • Getting our washbag stolen by a monkey (we got it back eventually).
  • Stopping for coconuts to rehydrate – yum!
  • Seeing a massive herd of deer in the Bogor Presidential Palace.
  • Cycling back into the compound to be greeted by cheering Mama and Rosie.

Thank you Papa for such a great trip! I loved spending time with you doing something we love. What more could someone ask for. Love you!


7 thoughts on “Cycle Trip with Papa

  1. You and Papa are a great team. You are discovering that when you keep your eyes, mind and heart wide open, the world is a marvellous opportunity.


  2. What an amazing trip! tough for sure, but so many delights and rewards…Oh the bliss of a hammock!!..Hope the poor feet are healing..looks like insect bites on one leg!
    .hope we’ll see lots of photos!..Love you dearly, Nonna xxxx


  3. Double-decker hammock…………did you know that when your great-grandfather Reed was on the Corvettes crossing the Atlantic in WWII, that the ship was so crammed that they went with triple-decker hammocks…… nasty conditions to say the least.
    Glad you had a great time with your fine traveling companion.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oliver, I love reading about your adventures. You are always up for something new, and I admire your optimistic outlook (2 hours pushing your bike uphill in the rain!!????!!!!! OMG!! Where is the nearest hotel????!)
    Thanks again for sharing your experiences. We love you xoxoxoxxoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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