Weekend Larks – Part 1: Soprano Saturday

Saturday started off with me getting up at 7:00 am to cycle off for track. The session was pretty easy: I only had to run an 800m time-trial and help time the 200m time trials. After that, I went and hung out at the library (which closed at 12:00, boo!) and then met up with Mama and Papa. At around 2:30 pm we all went and got changed out of our smelly cycling gear into our “good clothes” for the big event: Rosie’s choir concert!!! Because she takes the half-year long Girls’ Vocals course, Rosie is obliged to take part in the choir concert. At least one group from each education level performs.

The two elementary schools were up first. The Pattimura Elementary performed first, singing ‘When I Grow Up” from Matilda, and ‘Try Everything’ from Zooptopia. They performed both songs so well, with some great actions as well: such a talented group, and a perfect way to open the evening. Next up was the other elementary school (yes, there are two), Pondok Indah Elementary. They looked super dapper in blue waistcoats and fedoras, performing two jazzy numbers, ‘Teach Me To Swing’ and ‘Hats’. A super-cool dude accompanied on saxophone on ‘Teach Me To Swing’. They were awesome. After them came the Middle School performances, first: the 6th-grade choir. They performed a song called ‘Drill Ye Tarriers’, a funny song about American railroad workers. They were followed by Rosie and her fellow 7th graders. Chickie looked awesome in her new batik blouse, and her singing was excellent. She smiled the whole way through her song, ‘Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel’, and looked super confident and professional. Huge applause and a few tears from us after THAT stunning performance. Next were the 8th graders, singing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’, which featured an amazingly-talented soloist, and lovely harmonies. Tears almost came from me that time! Then all the Middle School choirs performed a song called ‘Tunggare’, an Australian Aboriginal song. As a group, they were excellent, and it was great to see different grades coming together and performing with such a level of professionalism. The song was very lifting and inspiring, and Rosie was back on, so of course, it was great.

After that, the Panorama Choir performed. It consists of local staff, all admin workers or teaching aides or drivers. The sang two traditional folk song ‘Goro Gorone’ and ‘Sege sege’. They were great! The songs were really catchy, and it was lovely to see them performed by ladies and men who really loved to sing and were very proud of the songs of their country. After them came the IASAS choir, who are basically the best in the school. They performed a Latin song called ‘Ubi Caritas’ a capella, which was beautiful and so haunting. They were so professional and amazingly talented. No wonder they represent the school. Next up was the High School Girls Vocals, which had a lot of my classmates in it. They performed ‘America’ from West Side Story, and they were great! After that was the High School Boys Choir, with more of my classmates, performing ‘Step In Time’ from Mary Poppins, which was well-sung (with Ethan performing). After them were a combination of Advanced Choir and Joint Sound, who are the school a capella group. They sung a song called ‘Consecrate The Place and Day’, which was awesome as they were really skilled at harmonising male and female voices. Next were Joint Sound singing ‘Sing’ by Pentatonix, and it was awesome how they incorporated the beat so well. My Music Production teacher did a rap solo, which was met with huge applause! Then all the High School Choirs got together to sing ‘Soon I Will Be Done With The Troubles Of The World’, a song which was introduced as ‘sounding sad but actually is really happy’. This was followed by all the choirs getting together on stage and singing ‘We Rise Again’ together. It was so lovely to see the different age groups and levels of talent come together, and it was such a beautiful song. Each choir was able to showcase their talents individually, as well as singing with everyone else. Massive applause for that one, followed by an a cappella extra verse to round the concert off. We are all super proud of Chickie and her performance, and we all love her so much!

To watch the entire concert, click here.


9 thoughts on “Weekend Larks – Part 1: Soprano Saturday

  1. Thanks for the pictures and for sending the concert along. I found Rosie’s group and watched her performance…..wonderful!


  2. PS Rosie–forgot to mention I love your new batik blouse. It’s so pretty and you look so grown up (what the heck, slow down!!!!) We love you!

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  3. What a supportive & encouraging big brother you are Oliver! I managed to find Rosie’s performance – thanks for sharing. Love to you both ❤


  4. Oliver, such a lovely description of a beautiful concert! Music is certainly the international language and can bring people together in such a positive way. xoxo


  5. Thank you for writing about a very special afternoon. There was so much talent in the theatre and a beautiful, youthful optimism. So very proud of Rosie and the choirs and so grateful to all of them and the music teachers for their dedicated efforts.


  6. The photos at the top of the blog are so alive. Honoured that the afternoon ended with a Canadian song. I feel your pride in family and school….just as it should be for a 15-year-old young man.


  7. Hey chap! I had so much fun that day too! The songs were chosen very well and I loved singing all of them! I also loved that you could be there to see what I have been doing at school as I feel that it is very hard to explain at supper! Great post!


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