Home Alone Photo Competition


I had a day off school today! Woohoo! Exams finished yesterday, so the school saw fit to give us a day off. Also, Papa was at work and Rosie still had to go into school, so I was home alone! I could tell you what I did for the day, but that would ruin this entire post. Let’s just say my day was… unconventional. For a teenage boy, I mean.

So, the photo competition works like this: look at the two photos below. Decide which one you think most accurately represents my Home-Alone-Day-Off™, and comment it. If you guess right, 10 points to Gryffindor! If not… Slytherin wins the House Cup.

So here they are, folks! It’s all in your hands now…


10 thoughts on “Home Alone Photo Competition

  1. Oliver, you are a person who understands balance and are not a person of excess so I’m going off menu here and guessing that you did BOTH! love


  2. There is no doubt that #2 is the real OE. I watch each day in awe as your sainted mother cleans every scrap that falls, or may fall, on our equally pristine floors as yours. She walks around with broom and dust pan in hand patrolling 10 Hatt.
    Have a fantastic time on the southern island of New Zealand, and keep your mop at home. Saturday is IKEA birthday morning for the elderly Reeds, Wish you were here.


    • Grandpa, thank you for your vote. You will be happy to know that I have taken the place of Mama and am doing a lot of the cleaning. I won’t be ble to send an email on the day, so a very happy birthday to you both! I love you and Grandma so very much. You are such special people, and so loved.


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