Exam Remedy: Lacrosse

Ethan and his lacrosse stick

I’ve been having my end of semester exams for the whole of last week (and will continue to have them next week). I’m off timetable, so I’m either revising in the cafeteria, playing cards with my friends in the cafeteria or taking an exam. While I do have many hours of free time every day, things do get a bit stressful, but I’ve found the perfect tension releaser: lacrosse.

My friend Ethan played lacrosse in his old school in Connecticut. On the second day of the exams, he made the mistake of bringing in his lacrosse stick and ball; one look at it and that was it. We spent a good part of the day outside on JIS’s massive field, throwing the ball around. Since we only had one stick, Ethan used it, and I did most of the throwing and running around. By the end of the day, we were able to do a half-field throw and catch. Of course, we had to abandon ship a lot because it was so roasting hot, but what the heck. It was super fun and a nice way to relieve stress. I might consider investing in a stick myself…


10 thoughts on “Exam Remedy: Lacrosse

  1. I hope that you realize that lacrosse is very much a Canadian Indian game. Extremely vicious, with the losing captain not only losing the game but his life.
    Your CT buddy probably went to Kent School or one of those elite schools that shone in sports like sculling or rowing.


    • Grandpa, I heard that about an Aztec version of football; the entire team would get beheaded! I think Ethan probably just went to a public school. He is good at lacrosse, but his strengths lie manily in academics. Anways, great to hear from you! Love you xxx


  2. Yes! Did you know hockey and lacrosse are Canada s national sports? Now go eat a butter tart my friend! Hope exams are going well!


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