Friday Fretted Frenzy

The above title is an homage to my Canadian family, specifically the Franciscis. During the summer holidays, selected members of the Reed family went around Hamilton searching for the best apple fritter in the city, and the day was dubbed the “Friday Fritter Frenzy”.

Last Friday were parent-teacher conferences at my school, and since my parents weren’t able to get a single appointment, I had a day off. Alright!

My mum and I decided to go on a bike ride, but not just any bike ride, ladies and gentlemen, a bike ride encompassing two, count them, TWO guitar shops. Our route took us through Kemang and along Jl. Fatmawati, one of the busiest roads in Jakarta. We first went to Wijaya Musik. This shop had literally everything. There were conventional musical instruments and paraphernalia, such as guitars, drum kits and strings, but there was also a marching band section, and cellos, and loads of other cool stuff. An added bonus was that it wasn’t super expensive or anyhing, but, like a lot of things in countries like Indonesia, the guitars were cheap copies of Fender and Gibson. Ah well. beggars can’t be choosers.

The next place we went to was… different. The store is called Guitar Freaks (also on Jl. Fatmawati) but you can’t really call it a store. It’s actually more of a cafe. The guitars are displayed in glass cases, and there is a large cafe area with a stage, which I think you can just hire out for an open mic night or something like that. There was also a recording studio, so… quite different from the norm. Perhaps I could go and buy a cool electric guitar at Wijaya Musik, then walk 200m down the road to Guitar Freaks and record some AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Good times.


8 thoughts on “Friday Fretted Frenzy

  1. I thought that was a fantastic way to spend a day off school. I liked that we got to see some more of our neighbourhood from the seats of our bikes. It’s always the best view and doing it with you was brilliant. That AC/DC night was one of the highlights of Glasgow for me. I salute you, Oliver, as you are about to rock and for your indefatigable spirit.

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  2. Hey, you’ll have to send us a video of you performing on said “sweet electric guitar”. Maybe throw in an AC/DC number for Grandpa. For those about to rock…………


  3. Your mentioning AC/DC brings back vivid memories of the Fish and Chip shop (not in Glasgow while tens of thousands of AC/DC female fans (with beer bottles in hand) staggered by wearing the same AC/DC t-shirts they had been wearing in the 70s. Not a pretty sight.
    At least there has been no mention of your finding a ‘bag pipes’ store in Jakarta. R.I.P.


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