A New Beginning…


Major update: For those of you that read my blog, but are not a family member or close friend, then here is the big news ( as you may have guessed from the photo). My family and I have moved to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia!!!! WOW!!! We have been in Jakarta for 5 days now, so this post is to tell you what has happened between leaving Pearson Airport and now…

Sunday 7th August: Goodbye party for the Eastwood/Reed family at 10 Hatt. Family and friends came, to feast on pulled pork and salads. Daniel and I spent most of the party losing various balls and causing trouble. The Wrinklies (Tony+Anne, Cedric, Noel and Barb, Grandma+Grandpa) chatted on the porch. The Dennisons, Franciscis and Rosie hung out on the steps of Alternative Audio, and everyone else chatted by the town hall. Theresa and Lisa Picone were also present, walking away with a stack of oldies CDs. At about 8:00 pm, goodbyes were said and cars started pulling away, leaving the only the Eastwood/Reeds and the Grandparents. Last minute checks were made, the car was loaded, and a final farewell was said to 10 Hatt. Oliver and Grandpa talk history and politics all the way to the airport. On arrival at Pearson, bags were unloaded, and the two parties said goodbye to each other and went their separate ways. On clearing security, the Eastwood/Reeds (henceforth known as ‘We’) found a couch and delved into their 1 kg sweet bags (thanks Julie!). Rosie waited for half an hour in a Tim Hortons line, but final FroLos (frozen lemonade) and doughnuts were enjoyed. We then hopped on the plane at 1:45 am (Monday). 15 hours of air travel, here we come!!!

Monday 8th/Tuesday 9th (time-zone hopping): Our first flight is a bit of a killer. 15 hours!!! We are going from Toronto to Hong Kong on the most ridiculous flight path I have ever seen! Up through Nunavut, across the Bering Strait, and down through Russia to Hong Kong! Anyway, I watched a new movie called “Sing Street”. Super cool, all about an Irish teen forming a band to impress a girl and illegally enter England. My life. In. A. Nutshell. I was sooooo excited about my meal, because I had ordered the Hindu/Asian Vegetarian Meal. What it meant was that I got rice, and some nice chickpeas, and about 2 roti!!! It was delicious! Then I had a sleep, first breathing into Rosie’s face, then lying in Mama’s lap. I woke up a few hours later with terrible back pains. This was perhaps due to my posture. I didn’t really lie down, more slumped from a upright position, so my whole back felt terrible. I watched “Sing Street” again (even better the second time!) and then played 2 hours worth of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. I have never played it before, but in my first tournament, I eliminated everyone and won with a handy 10,000 points. I wonder how I would fare in real life. Got bored of poker, watched “Sing Street” for a third time (I sang along to the songs, as I virtually know them off by heart) and had breakfast. Mine was chickpeas, roti, and 2 Indian savoury doughnuts that went with a small pot of gravy. Rosie and Mama both had a blueberry muffin, which I also had. Also very nice! I then watched “Captain America: The First Avenger (arguably the best in my opinion). I was tempted to watch “Sing Street” again, but decided that, since I knew the script better than the characters, it was not necessary. We finally touched down at about 4 am, Tuesday.

Tuesday 9th (Hong Kong): Arrived in Hong Kong. Zoomed through security, to find that we were pretty much the only people in the entire airport. Wandered around a bit, then found a toilet. I brushed my teeth and then played a bit of ukulele. We wandered over to our gate at some desolate end of the airport, and made camp. Rosie hadn’t slept at all on the plane, so had gone for over a day without sleep. She passed out immediately. Mama checked emails on the tablet, I tried to do the same on the Complimentary Free Internet Service, but I somehow got locked out of my account for 12 hours. Therefore I just spent an hour playing 2048. Fellow passengers started arriving at the gate at around 6:00 am, so I just chilled with Mama and Rosie. Rosie slept, Mama read the news, and I watched the Mens Beach Volleyball (Canada vs. Italy) and then boarded the plane at 8:30-ish.

Still Tuesday 9th: I sat next to a large, asthmatic American man, who put on a film then fell asleep, at which point I discovered that he also suffered from sleep apnea. I had another lovely Hindu meal, while Rosie and Mama had some chicken-thingy. I think I might have watched “Sing Street” again, but I am not sure. I do know that I played a lot of Poker and won loads. Oddly enough, I don’t remember much about that flight, except for the flight attendant asking if Mama, Rosie, the man and I were a family, to which the man hastily answered “No!”. The flight touched down in Jakarta at 1:30 pm, and we were on home ground.

Continued in next post

9 thoughts on “A New Beginning…

  1. Oliver, I don’t know how you guys do these flights! I couldn’t handle it. Great descriptions of it all. We will have to get Sing Street from the library–never seen it!! Look forward to reading the rest of your posts! xoxox


  2. Yes!!!!! Oliver, remember how I loved Sing Street, too! I knew you would think it was great! Love your impressions of the first leg of your journey. Food, films, and gambling….nothing better. I tried to read your next post about Jakarta and there was no link. Hmmmmm.


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