Base Camp Bangladesh

It is the last week of school before the Easter Holidays, so it is FIELD TRIP WEEK!!!!! YESSSSSS!!!! Varying years groups did different activities, but Years 7, 8 and 9 went to the one and only Base Camp Bangladesh, an outdoor activity center.

The site is located in Gazipur, which is quite a ways north of Dhaka, so when we got off the buses, sweaty and tired, we were rather dazed, but what a wake-up call to arrive there! We collected our bags and were given tent partners for the one night that we would be sleeping there. I got partnered up with one of my really good friends, so no complaints there! We were also split into two teams: Team Phoenix and Team Unicorn. I was on Team Phoenix, which was obviously the best (GIVE ME A ‘P’… GIVE ME A ‘H’… GIVE ME A ‘O’, so on and so forth, GO PHOENIX!!!!!!!)

We went straight into the activities: starting off with a relay race, except with a difference: on reaching the end, you had to twirl 5 times around a cricket stump and then run back. Easy? Not when you have designated lanes, and stepping out of these lanes adds 30 seconds to your time, AND when you are wildly dizzy and disoriented. I found this out the hard way, wiping out massively twice.

After that we did the Assault Course. Only 2 people could go at a time, so much time was spent chatting with friends and cheering on the team (GO PHOENIX!!!!). After that we had lunch, which was rice, dhal, salad and aromatic potatoes, and then had some more leisurely activities: boys and girls alternating between swimming and football.

After that we did the zipwire, which was SUPER fun! It went really fast, and was so high and great. I was one of the last people to go, so got to support (and laugh at) all my friends as they took their turns. After that, a quick game of cricket. We then had a huge campfire, and then supper. I had a quick shower, and then off to bed at 9 p.m., lights off at 9:30. My tent partner went to sleep at 9:45, so I was left alone and awake to listen to nature

The next day we woke up at 5:45 a.m. and went on a forest hike. It was so lovely, because it was a mixture of forest, and these stunning dried-up fields that went on for ages. We had a leisurely breakfast, and some free time. The rest of the day was spent doing the high ropes, which was basically a elevated obstacle course. It was super fun, and out of the 40-ish people that were there, I got the fastest time!!!!! Big moment!

After that we had lunch, and then got straight on the bus to come home. There was loads of traffic, but it was okay. I was up in the front seat, and the whole bus (which is usually loud and raucous) was completely silent as everyone tried to catch up on lost sleep.

We arrived back home at 3:20 p.m., and were greeted by a loving mother and a lemon square. Perfecto. Then a loving father arrived home at 6:10 p.m., and the trip was discussed over a delicious supper of pesto pinwheels and potatoes. Then the next day, our homeroom teacher asked us for some highlights of the trip, and 4 PEOPLE’S WERE ABOUT ME!!!!! WOW!!!! It was, indeed, a trip to remember.


15 thoughts on “Base Camp Bangladesh

  1. Wasn’t that trip so much fun!!!!! I agree with you on the zip-line and the campfire. I would only add the high ropes!!!! That was also awesome fun!



  2. Chalk up another amazing experience for Oliver–good thing you are keeping a blog or you would lose track of all the fantastic things you have done. Making the “highlights list” says a lot!


  3. Oliver, that zip line and campfire sound awesome! Whoever came up with the lame-o name ‘Team Unicorn’??? Honestly! Sounds like a really great field trip. Happy Easter to you all!


  4. Oliver – from the “loving mother” with her lemon squares – I am so pleased you had this chance to get out of the city to somewhere green. It looks like a beautiful place; how lucky you are. That you were a part of people’s highlights doesn’t surprise me, but I think your readers may have wished for a few more details. I am proud of the part where you helped everyone with their tents; you are so good at ‘stepping up’. I would have liked to have been there for the bit when you did the crazy dancing around the campfire – very elemental. You did the same thing early on our first morning by a river in the wilds of Fiji when you were 5. You have such a strong connection with nature and not much has changed.


  5. Another terrfic write by our young Canadian cousin…your zest for life rings through! Thank you for broadening my vision of our world. Again. Happy Holi-day, Your American Cousin, Maryann


  6. You pump me up just thinking of the pure joy emanating from the body and soul of one OE.
    Did you know that a six-inch high brass PHOENIX was given to the newly-married couple in Jamaica?


  7. That sounds like an amazing experience, Oliver. I really love your enthusiasm and willingness to try new things. If I was an organizer of an event like this, I’d relish having people like you there who were more than happy to participate and have fun. Being a “gamer” is always a great thing. xoxo


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