A Grand Day Out

Well, the 12th of February was the birthday of a certain someone. And, no, it wasn’t Abraham Lincoln. It was ME!!!!!! MY 14th birthday! I am now properly into the teenage years! I think a lot of people might be wondering what a birthday in Bangladesh might actually entail, so here is a quick synopsis of what  happened…

We drove off at around 10:00 in the  morning with the best driver ever, Kader. Coordinates set for Jahangirnagar University (tongue twister of 2016) to see the Siberian geese during their winter visit to Bangladesh. Unfortunately, on arrival, we were informed that the geese were not currently inhabiting the university’s various lakes, but had departed for Siberia over a week ago. Nevertheless, we had a really great time, exploring the grounds and seeing loads of ducks, cormorants and a tree full of pelicans!

After that we went off to a local restaurant and had the most amazing Bangladeshi vegetarian meal EVER!!!! Amazing fried rice, creamy dhal, fried spinach, and the most amazing fried aubergine EVER!!!!  Then we went off to the National Monument, seen in the picture above (bottom left). The grounds there are lovely, and we were met with so many request for photos that we felt like actual celebrities. Then, off to Kader’s house for tea.

“Tea” at Kader’s turned out to be a small supper, with bhajjis, fried cauliflower, and a bowl of the loveliest soup that I have ever tasted, all made by Kader’s lovely wife, Shapna. We sat and chatted with Kader’s son, Shapnil, about his career plans.

Then off home for birthday cake, presents and a movie. The movie was supposed to be the all new STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS!!!!!! At the store, we were assured that the pirate copy was “95% quality and not filmed in a cinema”. We got home and put it in the DVD player. It was about 5% quality, and not only was it filmed in a cinema, but it was filmed in a SPANISH CINEMA, so we had a poor quality Spanish pirate film that only a blind person could watch the entirety of. So we watched Hellboy. And ate cake. And drank Sprite. And generally chillaxed. AND for my main birthday present, I got an electric razor. WOW!!!!!!! So, all in all, a birthday to remember, for sure. I really look forward to being 14!!!!!



12 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out

  1. Oliver, the WISDOM!!!!
    ps Bruce says don’t give up on Stars Wars–get a better non-Spanish pirated copy and watch it–it’s worth the wait (even if Rosie refuses to watch because it’s Disney).


  2. Wow, Oliver, an electric razor! Now you are REALLY grown up! I remember one Christmas I received a tube of lipstick in my stocking. It made me feel sad because I didn’t want to be grown up–I was 16!!!!!!


  3. Damn!!!!!!
    I wish I had parents like yours.
    My 14th birthday was like every other one from age 4 to 18.
    It was in the dregs of winter in Ontario and three days before Christmas.
    Even worse was the fact that my brother Noel’s birthday was on Christmas.
    My parents had conned both of us telling us to forego a birthday party during the Christmas season,
    and EXPECT mucho gifts under the tree.
    Let me tell you: IT NEVER HAPPENED.

    It wasn’t until I met your sainted grandmother (the Canadian one) who told me that she had birthday parties every year…….Dec. 21. Maybe no birthday parties took place between Dec. 22 and Dec. 25……..NOT!!!!!
    Now you see why our birthday parties take place on a Saturday before Christmas at the .99 cent breakfast at IKEA. LESSON: out of being shafted, beauty can prevail.


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