The Dhaka Art Summit 2016

So, on Friday and today, I went to the Dhaka Art Summit. The Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) is the world’s biggest South Asia art show, and I got to see it!!!!

The first time I went was with my parents and sister on the day of the grand unveiling. And grand it was! I was a bit apprehensive, because I don’t see myself as an arty person, but it was super cool. The first little room contained a photo series titled “Land of Undefined Territory”, all about people exploiting the land that lies between the India and Bangladesh border. I walked in and knew that this was going to be the art exhibition to end all art exhibitions. And I was right!

It was a mixture of different forms of art. There were paintings, and sculptures, and things in between. There were films and performing art pieces. I saw one guy in a box, who we were told had remained in the same position with nothing to eat or drink for 53 HOURS!!!!!!!!! The things that people will do for art is quite amazing. Anyway, I am digressing, as usual.

On today’s visit however, I went with my school. Which made things a bit more interesting. I got to show people the things that I had enjoyed seeing on Friday, and I got to see what they liked. This time, however, we went on a guided tour, which meant that we got to see the highlights but not everything. I mean, the highlights of the tour just happened to coincide with my highlights, which was lucky, but there were some things that no-one really liked, so there you go. Below is my favourite piece, and a wee description of it.

“The National Apavilion of Then And Now” by Haroon Mirza- This is shown in the largest picture in the collage above. Mirza’s art focuses on light and sound, and this is evident in this piece. You walk into a pitch-black room with Styrofoam triangles on the wall. Suddenly, a halo of light appears above your head, and a buzzing noise fills the room. The noise gets louder and the light gets brighter, and then the noise stops and the light goes out, plunging you into darkness and silence again.

This event was absolutely great!!!! I had such a good time and it was really interesting to see different styles and types of contemporary artwork, all in Dhaka.

P.S. The votes are in for the Samosa vs. Bhajji Showdown, and Samosa came out on top by popular vote!!! Thanks to all that voted!


6 thoughts on “The Dhaka Art Summit 2016

  1. Oliver…..the culture vulture!!!!! But, hey, you have always been that way. Remember your participatory creations while cavorting on the dance machine in Lowestoft….pure Oliver. What about the hours you spent studying the ocean behind your home in Fiji. Your appreciation of the remarkable natural ‘art work’ behind the altar in the chapel in Island Bay, NZ led to another of your art forms…..singing with your sister. You moved the nuns to tears. Your insights as you and your Dad biked the islands in Scotland. The way you worked your magic as you concocted delicious meals from Picone largesse. You have the mind of an artist and the soul of an explorer.


  2. Wow, the description of your adventures in the art show are revealing some of my deepest insecurities…the man in the box= I can’t breathe…the claustrophobia…the sensory deprivation/overload room=the claustrophobia, the terror… Well, enough about me. Glad you enjoyed the exhibit. Sounds really interesting. Keep on writing! We love your posts.


  3. It’s so important to expand your mind, Oliver. You have done so before in nature, and you got to look at the world of art and it brings all sorts of inspiration. I love your willingness to try new things, and your insights are so deep. Thanks for sharing! xo


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