Bhajji vs. Samosa: Street food showdown of the century


DSCF1356In the last post I made, I promised a bhajji vs. samosa contest straight from foodie heaven. I will first outline what both of these food items are, and will then share my thoughts and the votes and comments of various family members. Then, reader, it’s down to you to vote on your favourite. And if you ever find yourself in Dhaka, do stop by a roadside stall and sample these for yourself!


Recipes vary from place to place, but a favourite is the Punjabi recipe from North India, which uses potatoes and peas as its main ingredients. However, the ones that we eat contain onions and cabbage as their filling. They are deep fried, ours so that they crunch but can be bent without breaking. They are super nice with tamarind sauce and can be eaten in vast quantities. We will often buy 15 at a time!!! (These are the triangles in the picture).


There are also many different ways to make this, but this way is absolutely brilliant. There is really nothing to this, but that is what makes it taste so good. They are basically onion rosti cakes shaped and then fried. They are really crispy on the outside, and then really tender on the inside. They are also really good with tamarind sauce, and are sold in abundance everywhere. Everyone absolutely loves these, mainly because they are so simple, but with such an amazing taste!!! (These are the circular patties in the picture)

When I advertised this contest at the end of my last post, I didn’t mean it to be serious, and I was maybe going to do a paragraph or two on this. But the next day, 2 people had voted via comment! 2!!!! And 2 votes for samosa!!! 2!!!

Votes so far:

Samosa: 3. People love these because they are crispy but oh-so tender on the inside. I love how you can peel the crispy shell off so that you have mushy filling wrapped in a soft layer of pastry!

Bhajji: Also 3! People love these because of their delightfully crispy outer layers and the shredded inside layers. I love the pure simplicity of them, how it take a just few minutes to make something really lovely!

The photo below is the stall that we buy these savoury goodies from. Maybe now your choice to purchase and devour on the spot will seem rather uncouth, given the general surroundings!!! Please do cast your votes via a comment, and I will announce the winner as part of my next post. So vote, vote, vote!!! Until next time…



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