Fuchka experience

So, today I made and ate fuchka for the first time!!!! For those of you who missed Bangladeshi Street Food 101, a fuchka is a little crispy shell filled with a chickpea paste and chopped vegetables and topped with a sweet sauce.

The fuchka arrived at our house by means of my father, who had ate them with workmates earlier in the afternoon. They were not assembled, but came in a kit consisting of a bag of around 10 fuchka, a tub of chickpea filling and a small bag of sauce. Assembly goes as follows.

First, you have to make a hole in the fuchka. We found that the only way to do this was to hack at it with a small knife, which meant shards everywhere, but we had our hole.

Next, cram in loads of chickpea filling. This is so nice, as it is really smooth, as is the case with a lot of chickpea recipes, but it had a slow-burning kick to it which we loved.

And the fuchka are assembled! All that there is left to do is to chop up some cucumbers and tomatoes, put the sauce into bowls and serve. Instant  crowd pleaser. They tasted so amazing, were well worth the fiddly prep., and combined with 7-up and lemon squares made the perfect meal! Good times are a-rolling.

Next food-related post:- thephilosophicalcyclist engages in an EPIC SAMOSA VS. BHAJJI SHOWDOWN OF THE CENTURY!!!!! Don’t miss it.


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